Career Opportunities for New York City Innovative Educators

Innovative educators looking for a job where their talents will shine, can apply for a staff developer position working on a Title 2D grant in New York City. These grants are designed to support schools in moving teaching, learning and leading into the 21st Century. Click here to go to the posting to apply for a position.

For Manhattan I am specifically looking for certified NYC teachers with expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Digital Video
  • Writing Workshop / Literacy
  • Leadership and system change – comfort working with principals and staff on school change in alignment with NETS Standards

    Grants are written in accordance with one of three themes:

    1. Leadership and System Change through Technology Innovation;
      1. Educational Leadership in Technology Infusion
      2. System Change of Teaching and Learning through Technology
      3. Innovative Approach to Technology Literacy and 21st Century Skills Acquisition and Assessment
    1. Technology Infusion into Instruction through Professional Development;
      1. Embedded and Personalized Professional Development on Technology Infusion
      2. Pairing and Mentoring Professional Development on Technology Infusion
      3. Expanding Professional Development Opportunities through Online Technology

    1. Data-driven Differentiated Instruction and Learning;
      1. Data-driven Personalized Instruction
      2. Formative Assessment and Adaptive Learning
      3. Performance-based and Innovative Assessment

    If you are interested in working under one of the grants, apply here and please comment to this post indicating your intentions. If you apply, in your cover letter sell yourself and your experience. Mention this blog if you are a reader. You may want to read Five ideas for Innovative Educators On The Job Hunt and incorporate some of those tips. I look forward to possibly meeting some of you and your colleagues interested in working on these grants.

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