Daily Walkthroughs with GoogleApps and the iPad

How timely in light of the fact that I attended an iPad for Admins professional development session today that I come across Chris Lehmann's post Daily Walkthroughs with GoogleApps and the iPad. Take a look at his post for a smart walkthrough protocol using Google forms. At the training I attended, I was not surprised a vendor was touting their expensive walkthrough app. I wasn't much impressed. First, it seems that the iPad as the tool for this process was forced and any effort on our part to actually test the app out or have questions about it answered, were quickly squashed. They seemed more excited to talk about the app then let it speak for itself (red flag!). However, do I really need an app for that? I think not.

I have successfully been using the poorly-publicized, all-in-one Tablet combined with Google forms for this work. Lehmann is taking this path too and is trying to fit onto an iPad what may be better suited for a Tablet. However, if you have an iPad, it likely beats out engaging in the is work with a traditional laptop. Regardless of the device (an NYC administrator I work with successfully uses cell phone texting technology), it is important to note that educators are realizing the importance of digitally capturing classroom successes and challenges which is powerful!

See this video for a whimsical insight into the process.

As an innovative educator I question if the administrator is the "one" who can provide valuable insight into what's going on in classrooms? In this 21st century, web 2.0, interactive, power-with-the people world, my answer is...heck no! Let's transform this work and incorporate peer, self, student, parent, and other important voices, to weigh equally in the process where we all take ownership and move schools forward in ways that make all proud.
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